Coronavirus Ancient Secrets of Immunity and Health Preservation

     Prior to spiritual awakening, the mind is propelled by inherent subconscious thought programs. Due to the way Nature or evolution functions, we each come into this world already uploaded in natural adherence to the permanent laws of nature. No person escapes this activity which operates in the mind and body. These inherited energy patterns are what the permanent laws of nature work on in providing our individual relative life experiences.

The content nature of these subconscious patterns, exists consequent of the seed standard produced in previous lives.

Based on these previously created journey-seeds, the laws of nature - laws of mind - manifest corresponding worlds to fit the paradigms of these seed patterns. Every previous seed thought which was accepted in deeper mind as true, reproduces to form our reality after birth. The laws of nature continue material manifestation of the seeds, into full bloom, until the cycle is interrupted by conscious awareness.

Because of these ignorance-based mind-sets or thought seeds, the corresponding lower intellect - as opposed to resolute intellect -- has no choice but adhere faithfully and develop lifestyles and relationships around which our lives can reflect these lower-nature seed patterns, thereby repeating this level of consciousness indefinitely.

Sadly, this unwitting higher-nature ignorance is the root cause of almost every known disease or infection on the planet. Logic suggests that, at some level, this known fact must extend into the realm of the unknown or potential diseases such as the present Coronavirus pandemic. In other words, prevention is possible which is better than cure.

In the sleeping soul state, we're without stability, equipoise: our mental-physical equilibrium falls prey to all the laws of opposites - good-bad, love-hate, like-dislike, disease-harmony. In other words, the laws of nature fulfill ignorance-based consciousness to perfection. It does so in order to keep us bound to its authority. Because of this unwitting 'fall from grace' our life is lived under the spell of illusory existence -- identifying solely with the uploaded birth standard of disease-consciousness and all the ramifications of addictive lifestyles. Thus perpetuating a vicious circle of finding cures for situations which could have been prevented. In other words, spiritual blindness continues in perpetuity until we raise the lower human standard to a higher standard: one established in spiritual awareness. this process is the way of gaining Pure Consciousness, the sickles state. If you beloved this article and also you would like to be given more info with regards to Teststraat gebruik Healgen Corona test generously visit the webpage.

Soul's desire for evolution

At some point in our life, the soul's desire for growth and evolution begins surfacing from within. When 'suffering' becomes too much, an inner dialogue along the lines 'enough is enough', 'what can I do to escape this'. Much like biblical Paul's flash on the road to Damascus. This flash moment of course was a flash of intuitive awareness which becomes clearly cognizable. For some this may be soon after adolescence, for others during some personal crises or an unguarded ego moment, or an unsuspecting seed of inspiration is picked up from another soul.

In times of crises, when there's not many options available, we become keenly sensitive and alert to life-saving guidance. These prompts equate to divine wisdom: our soul screaming for what we must do next. For further life development, this soul-listening or soul-attuning is critical.

The soul's desire for spiritual evolution is one of those symphonic points, when that certain Que, flash or inner prompt becomes the catalyst to some outer practical action: maybe a detoxification program leading to inner freedom from addictive life patterns or some soul-destroying habits.

But always remembering, that, freedom from the compelling laws of nature is a conscious decision.

This is when practices like meditation and yoga start making impression-seeds in the mind, start stirring the asleep consciousness into self-inquiry awareness. In the beginning, we won't know much about these practices, but deep down they resonate a spiritual vibration in us. This resonance is divine prompting.